Re Imagine exhibition 900 Self Portraits


(24 to 26 February 2023)


Group exhibition, WappART, Gauging Square, London, UK.


Re-imagine brings together works by a collective of artists interested in transforming the use of objects that they encounter, and sometimes overlook, in their daily lives: words, clothing, nature, paper and fibrous materials, photographs, packaging plastics, and many more. Conscious of their changing world and influenced by environmental and social concerns, these artists explore the ephemeral nature of everyday materials to create artworks that re-imagine and transform them, leading us to reconsider the often mundane but deeply personal objects that surround us.

I was finally able to install a portion of my 900 Self Portrait Nr. XXX by responding to the space on offer through WappART. They have taken over the empty shops on Gauging Square in East London and curate events and exhibitions by artists and musicians.

I showed with 5 former CityLit Fine Art colleagues, Katrin A. Bohm, James C, Mark Engel, Sabrina Rodrigues, and Chris Shurety.

Installing 88 units took me 2 hours. I had pre-chopped my blu tack.


Materials: contents of recycling bin, paper, packaging.

Size: 30cm x 30cm each; overall, 88 units, 7.92 sqm or 330 x 240 cm.