I am a London-based interdisciplinary artist working with fragments and detritus as an exploration of discomfort. I use artmaking to push at my boundaries – is this strange enough? Is it ugly enough? Has it gone on for long enough?

I create material and immaterial installations using ingredients such as household items, personal possessions, the spoken and written word, found footage, schematics, speech-to-text transcripts, screen captures, memories, and data.

I’m also interested in how different aspects of a thing create a new instance of that thing. And how to make new sense of those instances especially when they are fractured, disrupted, or interfere with each other.

The way I work is often in longitudinal series that start innocuously and end up developing an unstoppable momentum and unforeseen longevity – which is another form of unease.

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When I was first learning to paint the thing they teach you from the get-go is to understand values. I set myself a personal project to reduce everything into just a few values: white, black and as many or few shades of grey in between. I tried for three in total (white, black and one … Continue reading Values

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