Warrior Women made out of recycling - Clipper and MG

Warrior Women

Assemblages and created world


I have created a world of Warrior Women.

At the head of the tribe is Glo. Her daughter is MG.

You can see that Glo is somewhat old-fashioned in her dress. She wears filet lace triangular earrings handed down by generations of her predecessors. These are the human-world equivalent of the coronation crown. MG will inherit these one day.

MG’s fashion sense is much more modern and up to date. She tends towards the trends for graphic and graffiti designs.

They are protected by three bodyguards, Mef, Clipper and Vicks.

Each have particular superpowers but they are hidden.

MG has two close friends, Fusilli and her sister Rice.


In creating this world, I am exploring language and attitudes around womanhood and (dis)ability. I select my descriptive words carefully and create meaningful relationships through which to explore individual-to-individual interactions and exchanges.

I am also remembering the stories and relationships I had with my beloved maternal grandmother who had a sense of ‘passing things down’. These things were stories as much as they were physical mementos.

I am, as ever, also revealing something of my own discarded real world in the recycled materials used.


Materials: items taken from recycling bin, thread, ribbon, foil, packaging.

Size: various, approximately 40cm x 25cm x 9cm.