Unfinished Business

Sign for the group exhibition 'Unfinished Business'.

(21 February to 21 April 2021)


Group exhibition, Belenheim Grove, Peckham, South London, UK.


This group exhibition was located in three modern ‘shell’ houses in Peckham, South London. Viewing was by appointment via the estate agent.

“This unlikely exhibition, alive and humming behind the façade of a new and not quite yet complete residential terrace in South London, provides one response to the question of how we continue to create meeting points between artworks and audience in the context of social distancing, tier systems and lockdowns.”

(from the catalogue foreword by Dulcie Abrahams Altass, Curator of Programmes, RAW Material Company, Dakar)

View the catalogue and the list of works.


Materials: recycled paper.

Size: various, about 50cm x 80cm.

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