Things to Keep

Still image from Things to Keep

(2021) formerly Ghost Rooms

Film, sound and data

This film was shown at Art Maze, Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, London, UK on 23 to 27 February, 2022.


This idea came about as a result of feeling very trapped during the 2020 lockdown. I decided I wanted to lighten my possessions. 

I combined the video I had taken for another purpose and the narration of my list of possessions for the room depicted in the video. I added little stories about some of the key possessions. 

I want to develop this for the remaining rooms of my house and other spaces I inhabit – like bus journeys.

I feel the possessions stories will really emerge into something very big. This could also end up being the springboard into something else entirely, purely in sound.

List of possessions

A very recent realisation is how much I use Excel to organise my life. Having listed all my possessions to decide what to sell and what to keep the spreadsheet became part of the work.

Showing this work

I see this work as being shown in a very light room, no blackout. So that it is very faint and ethereal. I see the sound emanating from many corners of the space it’s shown in. I can imagine the resonance speakers we have used on the First Words in Dalston project would be perfect for this (they attach to a surface and turn that surface – glass, wood, metal – into the speaker).


Media: video and data

Duration: 5m 30s

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