It started with some photographs I’d taken in the noughties in Amseterdam during a lazy day in the park. I took a whole roll of transparencies (a considerable and completely blind investment back in the day) of people walking past on the path in front of me. I found the scans and thought of overlaying them using the anchor of the statue canopy in the background.

Same with screegrabbed footage of things like Susan Borman listening to the cockpit-to-ground control communications of the Apollo 8 flight, on which her husband was the commander. Same with Margaret Thatcher leaving office in 1990.

Nothing new in this except for randomly interesting results.

Then in playing with footage of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor’s wedding I noticed how nervy he was compared to her. It felt like this way of manipulating a series of images could tell me something interesting about them. Something more than on the footage itself.

Same with more Zapruder footage. In anchoring a series of images on the right hand post of the road sign there is an interesting flow of movement of the motorcade. Which can be oversaturated for the hell of it.

But then, in this selection (anchored on the left hand post of the road sign) and earlier in the footage we catch Rosemary Willis (in white hooded top and red skirt) as she runs alongside the motorcade. Just a few frames after this, she is captured snapping her head towards the book depository, a reaction that is considered evidence of more than one shot being fired. I want to work with that part of the footage next to see what comes out.

By the way, I just love these five ladies. I believe they are Westbrook, Dishong, Jacob, Holt and Simmons.