Minute moments

I have several fascinations: the Kennedy assassination, the Challenger disaster, Wallis Simpson, the moon landings, the Berlin Wall, just to get started. Being an artist means being able to explore these in approaches that are unique and meaningful to me. And that is a luxury considering my background as an Experience Designer where I had to take into consideration the user (audience).

One of the ways I have stepped into these events is by looking at the minute moments within them. Walter Cronkite removing his glasses as he announces the death of Kennedy. He takes a split second to compose himself.

The Kennedy assassination itself is full of moments for the close witnesses on Elm Street. I’m repeatedly drawn to the Zapruder footage that contains the ultimate minute moment of that event. At frame 313. A frame so horrifically graphic that I have not been able to use it in any work I’ve made.

It is not court etiquette to touch the sovereign’s person. When photos emerged (in the Continental press) of Wallis Simpson touching Edward VIII’s arm, it suggested a level of unprecedented intimacy and as a result they were suppressed in the UK for the scandal they would inevitably have caused. Eventually they came out and ultimately they contributed to the abdication. It was just a touch.