Think like a virus

I took a course with Rod Judkins in 2019. I leave it for him to explain his approach in detail. In summary it amounts to crashing ideas together, using things that interest you. And to think while making (rather than design before making). He asks some medical students to create a virus (how prescient!) and to do so he encourages them to think like a virus.

In our one-day course we did many things but one was to create a new type of chair. It’s interesting how the ‘stereotype’ of a chair having legs pervades. It’s difficult to detach yourself from what you know, from your lived experience. It made me think of the people who tried to first invent the plane by emulating the flight of birds. Beating wings and all. It took a leap to reinvent the paradigm of flight as a fixed-wing endeavour, the propulsion being provided elsewhere.

Here are my chairs. Some more comfortable than others.