I’m going to Chelsea College of Art!

I have some exciting news. I’m going to Chelsea College of Art!

Just about at the start of lockdown I got a place on the Graduate Diploma in Fine Art (which helped make that interminable time bearable). The reason I haven’t shouted it from the treetops is that I needed it to be tangibly close to the start before actually believing it.

A couple of things are worth mentioning. First that this is my third ‘life’, and second that this has been made possible by switching off the negative voice.

By ‘my third life’ I mean that I have had two whole careers before embarking on this new stage. The first as a web developer and the second as an Experience Designer working in finance and government among many other clients.

But who cares about that! What’s that about ‘switching off the negative voice’? Here are the early iterations of the voice: “you’re not the kind of person who could dream of going to art school”… “art school is for artists, you’re not an artist”… “you don’t have any ideas”… “you don’t have natural artistic genius”… “maybe just try some short courses”.

After many years of evening classes and building up my technical skills, interests and ideas I ‘confessed’ to a tutor that I’d like to go to art school but I couldn’t afford the time and expense of a BA. To which she answered “you’re not BA level, you’re MA level, you should go for it.”

So I took a look at myself. I’m a problem solver, adaptable, enterprising, clever, intuitive, quirky. Whenever I have set my mind to do something I’ve succeeded. Towit my two previous careers. I decided to change the voice and the new iteration went something like this: “you are the kind of person that goes to art school”… “you are ready to apply to art school”… “you can not only get into any art school but you can get into a bloody good one, one of the best in the world”… “you are credible.”

So that’s what I did, and here I am.